Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Uses for EXO

Agel's EXO gel is formulated with 17 exotic all-natural fruits and fruit extracts, each containing a wide-variety of antioxidants. EXO abounds with over 200 distinct antioxidants to shield, quench and repair the broadest spectrum of biological proteins, membrane lipids and nucleic DNA free-radicals. EXO is your greatest biological shield against the signs of aging.

Agel's EXO Gel Benefits:

1. Combats signs of the normal aging process*
2. Supports youthful vision*
3. Maintains normal joint mobility*
4. Helps control youthful coordination*
5. Boosts immune function activity*
6. Enhances feelings of youthful energy*
7. Supports healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range*
8. Guards healthy urinary tract health* Shields the body from harmful free-radicals

Agel's EXO Features:

1. Patent pending Gelceutical™ enhanced-bioactive technology
2. Hundreds of natural antioxidants
3. Antioxidant BioShield™ antioxidant and immune activity
4. Antioxidant Recharging™ system


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