Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bilberry Juice

Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) is a shrubby perennial bush that is commonly found in Europe, western Asia and in North America. The bilberry bears edible fruits that are related to the American blueberry, the cranberry and also the huckleberry. In fact, it is commonly called the "European blueberry."

For centuries, European herbalists have been using the Bilberry for a myriad of health related issues, including urinary tract health, vision, and many others. Of particular interest is the prolific use of the bilberry during World War II when British Royal Air Force pilots noticed a significant improvement in their night vision capabilities after consuming bilberry preserves prior to going out on bombing missions. Subsequent research has shown that bilberries are very powerful antioxidants, and it is in part because of this valuable property that they have such wonderful medicinal capabilities. In modern times, the bilberry has become a very popular nutritional supplement and it has been found helpful in maintaining vision health.

Researchers who have looked into the bilberry have identified the anthocyanins which are found abundantly in the bilberry as the substance responsible for most of the properties of this exotic fruit. Anthocyanins are very potent antioxidants and they appear to play a very important role in maintaining the integrity of our blood vessels, both large and very small. They appear to help maintain proper blood flow in many of our vital organs.

The bilberry is just one of 17 different exotic fruits and herbs contained in Agel EXO, each with its own repertoire of health enhancing properties.

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