Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Mechanism of EXO - How does it work?

The Mechanism

EXO's antioxidant spectrum slows down signs of the aging process. Regular consumption of EXO releases an active army of antioxidants in your bloodstream. EXO antioxidants work in two ways to minimize signs of aging — through EXO's Antioxidant BioShield™ and through its exclusive Antioxidant Recharging™. EXO's Antioxidant BioShield technology guards against free radical damage to both water-soluble and fat-soluble biomolecules. The Antioxidant BioShield is very protective due to the variety of natural antioxidants within EXO's 17 exotic fruits, including: flavonoids, proanthocyanins, anthocyanins, phenolic acids, polyphenols, carotenoids, vitamins, and essential minerals. EXO's Antioxidant BioShield™ minimizes free radical bioactivity and repairs free radical damage to cellular DNA, lipids, proteins and enzymes. Agel's Antioxidant BioShield also places the immune system on "surveillance alert" via active fruit polysaccharides against foreign invaders.*

Antioxidant Recharging™ describes the way EXO regulates antioxidant bioactivity. For example, in the process of repairing a free radical-damaged biomolecule with the vitamin E antioxidant, vitamin E becomes "deactivated" as an antioxidant. With EXO, the deactivated vitamin E is recharged by vitamin C. The resulting water-soluble, "deactivated" vitamin C is readily eliminated from the body following the recharging process. Agel's EXO contains many examples of coordinated Antioxidant Recharging. EXO's exclusive Antioxidant BioShield™ and Antioxidant Recharging™ provides you the best bioprotection against signs of aging — 24/7.

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